The campus has a well stocked, multi-layered library with a modern collection of knowledge resources and innovative information services to fulfill the needs of the students, faculty members and the surrounding community in their intellectual pursuits. A need based collection of knowledge resources is aligned to the vision and mission of the School. It includes resources like books predominantly related to management and allied subjects, social issues, autobiographies, encyclopedias, journals, educational videos etc.

Library has a well-maintained Digital Library with on-line connectivity of twenty terminals. It is very useful for information seekers. The digital library has needful collection of CD-ROM, e-Journals, on-line Journals. The digital library also has twenty computers in digital sections of various departments and all are connected through LAN systems.


The College has separate hotels for girls and boys with round the clock security arrangements, each hostels has separate dining rooms, recreation rooms and study rooms.

Transport Services

The College has its own fleet of over --- buses that ply on several routes across NCR and its neighboring areas, serving both students and staff. Bus facilities are also available to hostellers for visits to the city. Students are charged on the basis of actual.

Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall is the ideal venue for seminars and medical professional members to talk and deliver lectures to the students of our college to provide them a better and closer insight into the working of their different fields.


The Institute provides facility for banking at campus. The BOB has provided ATM facility at Campus for the convenience of the students, staff as well as the general public.